…brown nest green eggs?

Oh my!

My favorite wholesaler finally got some more nest in. They are meant to be three little blue robin’s eggs in a twiggy nest. Many of you have purchased them from me in the past. Well, when they got here, they were big, beautiful and kinda greenish. Does it take away from them that they are not Blue Egg Brown Nest’s shade of blue? Nope.


I think a nest is a perfect, little detail. Think on top of a chunky candle holder or under a glass cloche. Think nestled in a bookcase or a glass lantern.










Sorry! I get carried away taking pictures of nests! I think they look good in every shot.

Nest with Eggs…$12 each.

I am doing porch pick-ups for these. Email me & I’ll leave on the porch with your name on it for you to pick up at your convenience. You can put a check in the mailbox. Yes, I do trust anyone that loves a nest! So sorry, but I’m not shipping right now.



There are two kinds of sanding in my world.

One is with a block sander and pieces of sand paper.

IMG_4938I use this to create an aged look on the edges and crevices of my pieces.

IMG_4897I also use it to take off any flakey bits from the original piece.

IMG_4935The other kind of sanding is done with an electric sander. It’s basically a handheld that you adhere your sandpaper to. I use a coarser sandpaper when using an electric. It takes more time and creates a pretty bit mess!


It will level your surface and it will also really clean off the top coat of your piece.

Some of the pieces that come through my door really need an electric sander treatment. The piece needs to be leveled out and left-over scrapes and paint need to be sanded down. Here’s an example:



I will always sand down areas on a piece with my hand sander that need it. If a piece requires the attention of an electric sander it will cost more time & money. The result, however, will be worth it.

PS – In full disclosure, DH has been permanently hired as my sander :)



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