…which came first – the lobster or the chicken?

It seems I may have been wrong about the label I put on my new crate! I was told it was a lobster crate, I bought what was labeled as a lobster crate a few months ago and when I Google “lobster crate” I find pictures of the piece I have!

My ever vigilant Readers insist I have a chicken crate. As much as I wish I was raised on a farm to encounter one myself, I was not.

In my defense, it does look rather short to hold chickens and I still have yet to find an image with chicken actually IN one. That being said, I did find quite a few images of what DIYers have done with said crate.





I concede to the chicken thing, but insist on it’s coolness :)

…glass claw-foot

I found this super cute coffee table a few years ago.


You may have seen some very similar in the catalgues that come to your doorstep. These are tables with brassy frames with little claw-feet that look like you can  almost fold them up by their hinges.

Here’s the one Ballard Designs offers for $399:


Any my vintage piece:


Hello, little foot.


I used this table in this living room for years. A glass table can really work in a smaller room because visually it does not take up much space. It looks more delicate & less cluttered; airy.

As you know I like to change up my house and rooms quite a bit. So, it’s time for this cutie to find a new home.

Glass top claw-foot table…30″x 23″ x 20″ $195 (pick up only) cbensten@blueeggbrownnest.com



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