…favorite things friday – rejuvenation

A few weeks ago I answered a question about replacing hardware on cabinets. I said I did not know of a great local or online presence and that is not true! Rejuvenation! I started receiving their catalogue many years ago when I could hardly afford a screw.

Their products range from basic to vintage to eclectic. If you are stumped, but know that you would like to replace the hardware on your dresser consider a glass knob. It is a lovely vintage look that will really add interest to your piece. Rejuvenation has many to choose from.



They even have a glass pull.



The very first dresser I refinished I used glass knobs.


Here’s another:


…blue egg q&a’s

Here are your Q&A’s. Got questions? Email me at cbensten@blueeggbrownnest.com. If you post questions on FB I am must slower to answer. If you call me I will never answer as it leaves a cryptic text message for me. Email works best.

Was wondering if you had ever tried Van Gogh chalk paint?

No, I haven’t. I am very loyal to Annie Sloan because my aesthetic is similar. In fact, the term chalk paint is patented by her and refers only to her product. Other furniture paint is other furniture paint. I have used The Real Milk Paint Co milk paint, Cece Caldwell, as well as latex paints & many spray paints. I am planning on trying Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint as soon as I have the time to play. I’d love to try Van Gogh just to make a comparison.

When you paint with more than one color, do you tape off to keep your lines straight, or do you just do your best and enjoy the handmade result?

I assume you are referring to a Union Jack or stripes, correct? If so, I ALWAYS tape. It will be cleaner and look so much better with straight lines. It will also be less frustrating. Don’t wing it!


I’m curious, did you paint the picture above your church pew?

No, my MIL did! Yes, I know it’s fantastic! I get compliments all the time and she needs to start selling them.

Small Room Design

Is this dresser painted with a brush or spray painted? And when, if ever, do you spray instead of brush. I have a fear of spraying.

Yes, I hear you. I have never spray painted a piece of furniture. You could, certainly. Yes, you would not get paintbrush lines if you did. However, you will also sacrifice some control over the application. I also think it’s about the peaceful process of painting and not just doing it to get it done.


How would you recommend cleaning chalk painted furniture pieces, just wipe with a damp cloth if necessary?

For me personally I will use whatever I have. I use Clorox wipes, furniture polish, a wet paper towel. I don’t have time to tiptoe around my furniture.


I have wanted to try it on an outdoor porch swing. Have you ever used it for items outdoors? I also would like to paint the cushions on the swing. Have you ever tried this? 

Annie Sloan’s retail shop exterior is painted with her paint. Yes, I have done outdoor furniture. Like any outdoor piece it will wear in the elements. You can always go back and refresh in years to come. No, I have never painted fabric, but I know people have done so. I’m a little turned off by the idea, frankly. There are so many beautiful fabrics out there and to make a cushion look beautiful you need to do it right.

I am considering painting the red oak floors in my entire main living area (am I crazy?) using Anne Sloan paint. First of all, can this be done? 

You are not crazy and I admire you for doing it! Take a look on Pinterest because there have been many others that have gone before you. I have not done it, but I’m not ruling it out either. Be sure to do a sample and if you do a patterns or stripes tape. Also, tape your baseboards.

I made a huge mistake and bought a veneer desk from craigslist for my son. I put Kilz on it and then chalk paint. I then put a matte polyurethane on the desktop. Now the paint and primer are peeling off two of the  legs. Is there anything I can do?

I am so sorry. This happens so often and it is rather heartbreaking to get a piece home and realize that it’s not real wood. The problem that you will have with new, veneer pieces is that (I have found) ASCP does not adhere. In fact, you get this sponge like quality where the paint just does not want to stick. I have tried Kilz. I have tried sanding. I have tried cleaning chemicals. Nothing works. My advice would be to move onto a wood spray paint. Not what you wanted to hear, but you can salvage your project this way.




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