…quick fix series: wall decor

Wall decor can be very expensive. Original art, framing, photography, etc. It can all be pricey and actually difficult to try to work into a room unless you really know what you are doing.

My favorite solution is plates! They are inexpensive and you get to play with color, patterns, styles, and age.


Pick different sizes & shapes, but in the same color family for a bold look.


Floral plates. Vintage or from Anthropologie, very sweet and a bit playful. I have little bird plates in Greta’s room.


Black & white plates can look sophisticated. I have white plates with delicate gold trim in my living room.

I revealed my plate-hanging secret before, but here it is again in case you missed it. DISC Adhesive Plate Hangers. They are perfect because you don’t have to see any metal hanging over the plate.


Another favorite & inexpensive idea for wall decor – specifically for your kitchen/dining areas are bread boards. They are rustic and beautiful and can go in every style of kitchen.


Behind your range. Mix and match shape & size. Vintage and new.


Love this wall of boards and little framed art.


This image below is one of my very favorites. I totally plan on doing this in the next home we built. Love it.


Images via Pinterest.

Hope you are enjoying this little series! Sounds like some of you have a different view about silk flowers. I’d love to see pictures of any beautiful arrangements you may have. Prove me wrong!


…quick fix series: the centerpiece

Yes, it is a little thing and may seem insignificant, but a centerpiece actually can say alot about a home and the people that live in it. It could be as simple as a beautiful fruit bowl, but it is an opportunity to create something interesting in the middle of your table – a popular meeting place.


It could be a collection of pots with moss balls or flowers. (Just don’t use silk flowers. Blak!)


An old crate or dough bowl, of course is always rustic and interesting.


You could put some of your favorite items in a little cluster like this table. Try to be monochromatic and edit as you go.


If you use something like an old crate or wood bowl then you can switch out decor based on your holiday. I have grain sack apples and love them so much I just leave them all year round on my dining table. On my kitchen table I love white pumpkins in October or even a stuffed bowl of red apples in Fall.


All of these examples are really simple and elegant. You don’t want to clutter the middle of your table, you just want it to look inviting.

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