…hoffman media & the ribbon in my journal

Morning Readers!

I want to introduce you to my new friends at Hoffman Media. They are a lovely group out of Alabama who publishes many magazines including Southern Lady, Cottage Kitchen, Cooking with Paula Deen and freshstyle. They also have many cooking and lifestyle books & DVDs.

They are beautiful magazines!


Southern Lady was their very first magazine.


freshstyle is the magazine that you will see Blue Egg Brown Nest in. It is filled with color, ideas & inspiration. You will eat it up as I have. You will also be excited to know that the trip the design staff took right before visiting me was to Oxford to meet & interview Annie Sloan!


Dear Phyllis, the President and CEO, contacted me a few months ago about teaming up to talk about Blue Egg Brown Nest and show some of my interiors as well as a Chalk Paint demo. This is what the photoshoot was all about a few weeks ago. What a wonderful day it was!


Phyllis recently started writing her own blog called The Ribbon in My Journal. She claims I had something to do with inspiring her, but by the looks of her pristine blog it seems as though she was already well-inspired on her own!


I am so excited to be working with this wonderful group. We have become fast friends, bonding over our love of design, writing and “Nest” candles.

I will be doing a give-away of a few of their books in the near future so stay tuned.







…it’s a bloggy world: make it personal

I heart all music from the 70s. Joni Mitchell, Fleetwood Mac, of course the Beatles, and…Cat Stevens! I must have some type of telepathy going with Cat Stevens because I literally heard in the car this morning on NPR that he is singing at the Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame this week. I bring this up because the title of my series this week was a play on his song “It’s a Wild World.”  You know it,

“Oh, Baby, Baby it’s a wild world.

It’s hard to get by just upon a smile.”

So true, Cat.


Cat Steven has a really interesting background and I would venture to say that his music would not be as impactful if it was not so personal. That was my attempt to segue to blogging. How did I do?

I understand that opening ourselves up to strangers is not always comfortable. We are subjecting ourselves to criticism and judgment. But, there is also love and admiration and more importantly a sense of community if you choose to.

Image 5

I try to come from an attitude of “We are all in this together. Life is hard and we don’t always have the tools we need to get through it. Let’s lean on each other and lift each other up as best as we can.”

I knew from the beginning of my blog that I wanted to display an honest Christen. I said the same thing when I started dating my Dear Husband. I think when we come from a place of honesty we really honor ourselves. We are saying, I’m  not trying to be anyone else but who I am. We are all snowflakes. Precious and different. Why would we want to hide that?


This is why you see my kids, me in my painting rags, me laughing at myself and me ranting when I’m upset in my posts. It is very cathartic to be open.


If we walk around with our guard up all the time on we are not protecting ourselves, we are imprisoning ourselves. There is freedom in laughing openly when you are on the elliptical at the gym watching Hoda & Kathy Lee say something ridiculous. There is freedom letting yourself cry with your neighbor on the way to the bus stop because her dog has just died. There is freedom in pulling the car over and screaming because you’ve just heard of another school shooting and you still cannot figure out why we are allowed to carry guns in our country! ROAR!

Oh, Baby, it’s a wild world. If you are going to blog then make it help & honor you. Let others in so we can see the good and the bad and relate to it all. We are just as messy over here. I have found more friends and readers here because I dare to be vulnerable. Even when just discussing paint :) Thank you, God.


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